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Where or how can I learn Google adwards PPC?

Aug 5, 2012
There are also some great books to find and study, as they have been written by experienced marketers but at the end, you should actually get involved with the PPC world to have real-world experience. It is possible to use Google AdWords in an affordable way and through choosing the right terms that are being used by potential customers, you will be able to generate traffic for your website that does not require you breaking your bank account.

Choose the right terms, and also moderate your spending smartly so that you not consume all your capital fast.


Junior Member
Dec 21, 2012
If you’re brand new to Google adwords.two of the most important elements to really learning how to build great campaigns is to look to authoritative sources that are also well-organized and comprehensive. For this reason I think choosing a few adwords best practices guides, communities, and books is the best way to get started learning AdWords – then you can move on to individual blogs and have a strong foundation that will help you understand and contextualize the information those blogs are sharing.


Active Member
Oct 16, 2018
Google giving the free course you can learn from there or else you can visit the surfside ppc channel they are making good videos for google tools