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standard benchmarks

Nov 12, 2015
What are the standard benchmarks for internet marketing tactics such as Online Display Advertising, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Email Newsletter, and Social Media?


Active Member
Apr 22, 2014
In reference to your question please bear in mind there are drastically different benchmarks between internet marketing focused on branding vs. internet marketing focused on sales. There are also other categories as well.

Since your question did not really specify benchmarks in terms of branding or other categories I will focus my answer on benchmarks in terms of internet marketing for the sale of products and/or services.

First off, I can tell you I am a Certified Google Partner as well as a Bing Accredited Professional. Although advertising certifications don't exist for social media platforms I have also done a good deal of marketing at places like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, VK, Foursquare, etc.

Being totally real... I can tell you I don't have all the answers nor am I the world's foremost and unquestionable expert. For whatever it's worth I have spent countless hours staring at an MCC dashboard, dealing with campaigns and of course handling clients.

After all that I've been through rest assured I am well aware of the "lingo" of the industry when it comes to terms like quality score, click through rate, cost per impression, cost per click, etc.

But frankly, all that lingo exists more amongst campaign managers than it does real world business clients and since the clients pay the bills there is a great deal of weight on what "they" typically consider to be the benchmarks that matter.

This cuts to the chase and weeds out all those piles of industry lingo words rather quickly and what you're left with is ROI. A business client will care about the Return On Investment (ROI) benchmark. The next point is that we could say there are sub-benchmarks that lead up to the Grand Daddy benchmark of ROI.