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Steven Smith

Staff member
Jun 26, 2011
British Columbia
How to Choose a Postcard Marketing Company
Yesterday to her surprise my wife received another huge postcard from a local salon. However, it wasn’t just the size of the postcard that got my wife’s attention right away. Here’s what set this postcard apart from the competition:
– She recognized the salon. It was the third time she received a card from that salon over the last couple of months and
– It was written and designed for women just like her, age 45-55 with a high income. This simple postcard talked to my wife. It related to her. It connected to her. It delivered the salon’s marketing message in a way that convinced my wife to visit it right away, even though she had been going to another salon. She felt she was ready for a change.
If you invested in postcard marketing in the past, I can almost guarantee your postcards were not as effective and did not create the emotional connection to elicit the above response.
Why? Because there are many direct-response marketing rules that...
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New Member
Dec 18, 2018
An organization can take several steps to make sure the achievement of a postcard marketing campaign. Start with the aid of focusing at the mailing list and work to encompass all capacity members of a target market section that might gain from products or services to be had. Keep the tone of the content material pleasant but informative.