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JavaScript effects seo


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2011
This is another hot potato. It is known by everybody that pure HTML is powerless to make complex sites with a lot of functionality (anyway, HTML was not intended to be a programming languages for building Web applications, so nobody expects that you can use HTML to handle writing to a database or even for storing session information) as required by today's Web users and that is why other programming languages (like JavaScript, or PHP) come to enhance HTML. For now search engines just ignore JavaScript they encounter on a page. As a result of this, first if you have links that are inside the JavaScript code, chances are that they will not be spidered. Second, if JavaScript is in the HTML file itself (rather than in an external .js file that is invoked when necessary) this clutters the html file itself and spiders might just skip it and move to the next site. Just for your information, there is a **********> tag that allows to provide alternative to running the script in the browser but because most of its applications are pretty complicated, it is hardly suitable to explain it here.
Google CAN read flash (swf files). A bit but you should still be very wary of Flash if you want a high ranking. Google can't read all types of Javascript. Links in flash are stripped of anchor text and appear not to be followed.
Flash websites can be beautiful but are they also useful? That's the question!

My own website is as simple as Google's site is: no more information or beauty than strictly necessary.

Have a look at Login or Register to View This link;. I am offering you a free ebook at the homepage, so visiting this site doesn't harm you...

And I am serious: sales sites should be as simple as possible, that's where the Dutch and the English speaking people seem to have different opinions. :eek:

Ien Bell

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2012
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Flash Websites are really beautiful, but I do not think that Google will not get whole JS back end readability. Should develop website in php aur any other search engine readable language. It is also suggested by seo experts
yup i agree with you flash website are really beautiful.


Active Member
May 31, 2012
JavaScript will not hurt the functionality of SEO. However, your site should not be heavily built with Javascript. Excessive code on the website and less text can hinder the process. Also, place the CSS code in the file separately rather than included in the HTML file.


Junior Member
Nov 7, 2017
Yeah flash is old way of designing sites. These days most of sites are developed in Java. But it’s equally important not to get it built in minimum text and maximum code. This can benefit when you get it optimized from a good seo company Los Angeles for top rankings.