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How to Create quality content for blog?


Active Member
Oct 16, 2018
Create content with high quality and don't stuff too many keywords and keep it real an simple. By doing this you will get the traffic organically


Junior Member
Feb 27, 2019
Jaipur, India
Getting traffic is not the real thing you should focus on. You should focus on the real traffic which comes directly to your domain and which can be only possible if you have quality posts on your blog.
Make your blog as simple anyone can understand and more readable using common words instead of using professional words.
Also, try to get reviews from your viewers on your blog too.
Well, Having a good blog site takes more time and effort. If you are concerned about driving more traffic to your site then maintain unique and catchy viral content and understand what people are interested currently through google trends and never stuff keywords as it might result as a blackhat technique which hinders your rank on search engine.


Active Member
Jun 5, 2019
1. Write on what you are passionate about
2. Do your research /keywords, phrases, headings/
3. Do not stuff too many keywords
4. Write grammatically correct content
5. Check the written paragraphs with Grammarly / free tool/
6. Update the blog daily if you can, if not, at least every 2-3 days with unique and interesting content
7. Add images between paragraphs
8. Add resources at the end of the text, if used
9. Have fun, express yourself and upgrade your skills with every next text written
Good Luck !!