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How do we cut out the middle man paid per click?


New Member
Jul 14, 2016
I know how paid per click and paid traffic works from buyer perspective. But does anyone know how people get the traffic to send in the first place? I mean do they just simply get a better price and resell it to us or do they actually know a way to get the traffic to send us?

thanks in advance.:cool:
One example . . . AdWords get their clicks from the AdSense program, which is the Ads on google searches and on websites. They keep some of the money.

That's probably the best-known of the PPC networks, and can certainly be profitable for both ends, AND, as you say, it is certainly possible to cut out the middle-man by selling ads directly on your site instead of putting AdSense there . . . you can contact potential buyers of such ads by looking at who's paying for AdWords on relevant search terms for your website content.

That's a good idea, since that way you can both get a better deal :)



Respected Contributor
Dec 31, 1969
Their are also those vendors (solo ads for example) who build their own massive lists, and then sell clicks by re-mailing those lists. If the lists are proven responders to your type of offer they can work for you.

You do have to be careful who you buy from though. Some just buy clicks for a few pennies (that's how they build their list), and then sell those clicks to you for anywhere from .50 to more than a dollar.

There are also the revshare programs that sell you ad space, and pay their members to view the ads. These members are mostly after the pennies per view income, and the response rate is rarely very high.