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Free online SEO tools


Sep 27, 2011
Google Ad-words
Not only is Google the largest Pay per click advertiser, it provides a large amount of helpful information in the way of SEO development. Their Key-word tool, located at adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal?defaul tView=2 allows anyone to enter a specifc keyword or words and will generate a long list of related keywords.

This list can display the search volume, search trends, ad position, competition, and the highest amount advertisers will pay (CPC), for each particular keyword.

This information can be used in many different ways. Using a keyword with a large cost per click CPC means that advertisers will pay a large amount to advertise using that keyword. The amount of ad revenue that keyword can potentially bring in will be large.

Keep in mind the competition piece though, a lot of competition means that many other web sites are using that same keyword to bring in the ad revenue.
Google provides a long and helpful list that may be sorted by any piece of data that Google provides. It will even suggest related keyword.

SEO Bloggers World

This website, located at seo-bloggersplace.org/ is a blog site that focuses on SEO. Here there are blogs about SEOP tools, SEO strategies, and general SEO information.

Global online B2B marketplace
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Alan Smith

Senior Member
Jul 7, 2011
The keyword tool of Google adword is very helpful for the analysis of the keywords on the basis of low competition and higher search volume It is also allows to find keywords on the basis of local search and worldwide search.


New Member
Mar 8, 2012
thank you for sharing this great tools. also seobook.com has some free tools to help make your seo campaigns a little bit easier. ^^
Übersuggest is a thorough keyword suggestion tool that takes your keyword and pulls Google’s suggestions for it. The tool first displays the top ten keyword suggestions for that phrase, and then it offers up to ten suggestions for each letter of the alphabet.
Check it out: ubersuggest.org

Queen of Ice

Junior Member
Mar 4, 2015
In terms of a free SEO tool… I tried the new tool by Search Visibility (ɯoɔ˙ʎʇıןıqısıʌɥɔɹɐǝs˙ʍʍʍ). It's pretty detailed and lists your domain rank, domain authority, domain age, social media mentions and the total number of links that point to your target domain. Might be worth checking it out!
May 28, 2015
Dubai, UAE
I studied about Google Adwords and I found it the most beneficial technique of search engine marketing. Its professionals have high salaries in the world your shared information regarding it is also helpful for the beginners.


Junior Member
Nov 18, 2015
Hello Sir..
If you are looking for Link Building Tools then some commonly used tools are-
1.Buzz Stream
2. Content Marketer
3. HARO i.e. Help a Reporter Out

If you are searching for Technical SEO tools, for this you can use-
1. Cool feature
2. Whitespark
3. Yoast SEO plugin
I hope these tools will help you out.