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Content and the search engines - make it long and high quality


Junior Member
Jun 6, 2015
Hellertown, PA
Recent studies suggest that longer content is better then shorter content with Google. This is good for Google as the people who are creating fake low quality content just for the search engines are the most likely to not use longer content. Therefore, Google has weeded out a larger percentage of the low quality spam content. Since links are also easy to buy without Google knowing you are buying them, shifting the emphasis towards content also defrays spammers to that extent. There will always be a way to reverse engineer SEO, put it's a bit more difficult as everyone has to take the time to really research and write good content on each topic. I write long content now for my clients and it has produced better results. I hope this helps.
Apr 22, 2015
Yes Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin more strongly focus on quality contents and quality back links. These two penalize the websites which has low quality and thin contents. So create contents for users not for search engines.
All things are changed.

kajal mishra

Senior Member
Jun 2, 2015
Content is the King in SEO. Without quality content you can't able to engage the people on your website or blog which you have posted. Google daily updates needs to be followed prior writing any contents. Whether you are writing long contents or short one, you have to be precise with it and have to be informative as well. If you violate the rules of Google algorithms your contents will be deleted soon and it won't be of any use.

Chris John

Active Member
Jun 9, 2015
Content is the King in SEO. One high quality content is better then 10 low quality content. Posting unique and high quality content on high PR article, blog submission sites provides you better result in Google SERP.


Active Member
Jul 16, 2015
This is all true, but I believe you shouldn't go for the long content at all cost. Sometimes the subject or the topic won't require an extensive body. Trying to make it long without the real need for it and filling it with useless information won't give you the desirable results. What is considered long and what is considered short content anyway?
Oct 3, 2015
Content plays a major role in SEO. Each and every task in SEO requires quality content and this is what helps the search engines to rank any website easily. If anyone uses duplicate content in any task of SEO then Google instantly removes it or treated it as a bad link of a website. So, to rank your website in Google search engine you must use attractive and informative content and this must be followed every time.