Are you thinking to outsource your daily task???

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    We are in a global age. We can order supplies from another country at the click of a button over the internet. We communicate instantaneously with Email. We can call abroad with VOIP for free and we can market our products to the world using our website from the comfort of your desk.

    However very few small to medium sized businesses have thought of contracting as opposed to hiring employees within the company. By hiring employees based in your office, you incur many costs as well as paying a good salary. This limits how fast your company can grow.

    Today many SME's are hiring Employees abroad from us. We provide staff to work remotely from our offices around the world for your company.

    a. You can employee a person to work for you from only A£299 salary per month. Working full time.

    b. You can replace Administrators, Marketing staff and many other jobs by hiring the equivalent employee from our office abroad.

    c. Employees work from our offices around the world so you dont incur overheads.

    d. Employees work Full Time solely for your company during the contract period.

    c. You can communicate instantly via email and Skype for FREE.

    d. You can do video calling for FREE.

    It is just like having your own employee in your office.

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