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Any advice?


New Member
Dec 15, 2012
Does anyone have any advice on how to get more people to sign up for your product and build affiliates? I'm new to this and what i've been doing doesn't seem to be working.


Active Member
Dec 11, 2012
There are all sorts of measures you can take to attract affiliates. How about making an affiliates page on your site. Explain to people what they get for promoting (percentage commission for example) and how they get paid. To help them promote for you, provide them from the page with banners, graphics, emails, blog posts, reviews, links, Tweets etc they can use. Throw in a free report about your product as a "teaser" and include the ability for your affiliates to insert their affiliate link it to it and then give it away.

Seek out potential affiliates and contact them, build a relationship with then, discuss joint-ventures, cross-promotions and ways you can help each other.

Ken Wells

New Member
Dec 17, 2012
Newmarket, ON
First of all I'm assuming that you are getting people to your website and they're just not buying your product. So it sounds like you have the conversion problem. So it either means that the landing page that you have is not really that compelling or they don't know who you are or they're not sure if it's good and why would they spend their money. First, I would suggest that you should have a video on your page. They'll get people just a little bit more accustomed to you and get them to possibly know and trust you a little bit more. Second is you're going to have bit of preview. Whether that would be a video preview or you give them the first chapter something like that. People are going to buy something if they think it's worthwhile. You get so many products so cheap these days that people are just getting on trials when buying products. In terms of buying affiliates, if you can't sell any products.
From what I have experienced, visitors rarely sign up for anything you sponsor whether it's an email program or survey sites you're affiliated with.


Respected Contributor
Dec 31, 1969
Since you state that you're trying to build affiliates for your product (at least I think that's what you're saying), you might look at affiliate marketing platforms where you can post your products for sell. Those platforms provide affiliate signup options where people can get their link for your product, and market it.

If your product has value, and you pay out an attractive commission, you'll get affiliates to sign on with you.