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  1. Alexgracias

    How to increase genuine website traffic?

    Huge traffic requires a fair amount of work and value offering. Here is how to build up traffic for a website - 25 tested tactics 1. Advertise 2. Get Social 3. Mix It Up 4. Write Irresistible Headlines 5. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO 6. Target Long-Tail Keywords 7. Start Guest Blogging 8...
  2. Alexgracias

    What are the important email marketing mistakes to avoid.

    I am about to start an email marketing campaign, What are the key checkpoints that needs to be considered for profitable email marketing campaign.
  3. Alexgracias

    Email deliverability best practices

    We have been experiencing a lot of email bounces from our email campaigns. What can be done to reduces the bounces and get into the inboxes of the intended recipients?
  4. Alexgracias

    How to Create quality content?

    5 Ways to Write High-Quality Content – Fast 1. Always keep a stack of good ideas up your sleeve 2. Blog in batches 3. Know your chronobiology 4. Write Ahead 5. Keep it simple.
  5. Alexgracias

    Click Through Rate

    Here is how to improve the site's Organic CTR? 1. Track the current state of your click-through rate. 2. Focus on improving page titles. 3. Test page titles in order to pick the most effective. 4. Improve URL structure to make it descriptive. 5. Pay attention to your meta descriptions. 6. Make...
  6. Alexgracias

    Which are the best cheap email marketing services available?

    Here is the list of cheap/free email marketing services 1. SendinBlue Email 2. Wix ShoutOut 3. Zoho Campaigns 4. MailChimp 5. MailJet 6. Mailgun 7. MailerLite 8. HubSpot Marketing 9. Freshmail 10. Red Cappi 11. Email Octopus 12. Benchmark 13. Pepipost 14. Express Pigeon 15. Taximal
  7. Alexgracias

    useful SEO tools

    Top 10 SEO Tools 1. Majestic SEO 2. site explorer 3. SEOmoz PRO. SEO world 4. Raven Tools 5. Advanced Web Ranking 6. SEMRush 7. WordTracker 8. SEO PowerSuite 9. Ahrefs 10. Buzzstream
  8. Alexgracias

    How to get 1st position in google?

    It is tough, but not impossible. 1. Go niche. Part of succeeding at SEO is understanding the competitive landscape 2. Choose realistic keywords. Anyone can get the top spot on Google if they target the right keywords 3. Optimize each piece of content for your keywords 4. Add tons of content to...
  9. Alexgracias

    Which social media is best to drive traffic for website?

    You can't waste your time on every social media platform that exists. You must identify the channels which would work best for you. Also, identifying where your target audience is highly important for selecting your preferred social media platform. To test run, go for trial and error method so...
  10. Alexgracias

    Duplicate Content When Guest Posting?

    7 Tactics to Write Quality Content Your Audience Will Love Monitor social media. You're probably already listening for your brand or company name mentions, which is great, but not enough. Get to know your customers Check out your competitors Do keyword research Test your titles Read the...
  11. Alexgracias

    Where submit the sitemap

    How to submit a sitemap to Google a.) Sign into your Google webmaster account. b.) Click Crawl > Sitemaps > Add/Test Sitemap c.) Enter “/sitemap.xml” into the available field and submit your sitemap!
  12. Alexgracias

    effective email marketing

    Email marketing and Twitter are both different channels of reaching the potential audience. Hence, comparing them will not be viable, both Twitter and email marketing serves a different purpose. Twitter Life-span of a tweet will be 5-25 minutes You increase your brand awareness with twitter...
  13. Alexgracias

    How to promote local business through Social Media?

    Here is how you can advertise your local business through Social media (Source: Neil Patel Blog) 1. Analyze your competitors and map social networks to your target audience demographic to choose your social network(s) 2. Conduct contests and offer special discounts to your social media...
  14. Alexgracias

    Email Planner -The Email Calendar for Last-Minute Marketers

    The email campaign planner for last-minute Marketers. We automatically organize your campaigns, delegate tasks and make sure your team never misses a deadline.
  15. Alexgracias

    What is the main thing for writing articles?

    Generating quality articles on a consistent basis is certainly a difficult thing for any business. However, considering the key factors of article writing can bring good results for your business. Do not go for quantity, always focus on the qualitative aspect. Create content that is focused on...
  16. Alexgracias

    what are the best alternatives for Google keyword planner

    Free Tools SERPWoo Keyword Discovery SEOBook Keyword Tool Semantic [dot] io WonderSearch Keywords Everywhere SERPs Keyword Tool Paid tools KeywordTool [dot] io Wordtracker Wordstream Also. Google trends can be used to take a look a closer look at the search queries of a particular keyword...
  17. Alexgracias

    Email Marketing tools

    There are lots of email marketing tools available besides MailChimp. The tool like CampaignMonitor; Benchmark email, Mailerlite, and SendPulse are the closest alternative of MailChimp. They have similar features and pricing offered by MailChimp. But I would also add that MailChimp has lots of...