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Search results

  1. Joe

    Why Is Owning Your Own Website Important To Your Own Business?

    I published this article on my blog site at: http://discoverhowtoworkfromhome.biz/internet-marketing-articles-info/why-is-owning-your-own-website-important-to-your-own-business/ There's no requirement that you own your own website in order to start a business, and make money online. You have...
  2. Joe

    What Are Your Interests?

    I have a lot of interests. Helping others succeed with online business, scuba diving, freedom to travel whenever I take the notion. Reckon those are the most important. I have streams of income for each one of those. I not only enjoy participating in the activities, but my online real estate...
  3. Joe


    This article appears on my blog at: http://discoverhowtoworkfromhome.biz/internet-marketing-articles-info/starting-your-business-101/ What Do You Need To Consider Before Starting Your Business? Starting your business takes a bit of thinking. There are a few preliminary considerations that you...
  4. Joe

    Don’t Plan Your Business Financial Failure

    A lot of advertising these days tells you to build only one stream of income in your business. A lot of this is entry level marketers who don't know what they're talking about when it comes to creating a truly sustainable business. Of course that's because they want you to spend all your money...
  5. Joe

    Offering Products Ranging To High Value

    I'm reading a book about the 80/20 Principal in Sales & Marketing. In a section about forecasting potential sales of a range of products using the Pareto Rule a statement jumped out at me. I knew this on a low awareness level, but as I read it the concept brightened in my mind. The statement...
  6. Joe

    Why Agile is Failing

    Free Kindle book today (March 15,2016) only. It's about researching if software changes for your company have value - or not - before you make them...
  7. Joe

    For Business Security Create Multiple Streams Of Income

    In his book, Multiple Streams of Income, Robert Allen writes about the downside of having only one income stream in your business. Sources and suppliers come, and go. If you rely on only one product provider, and that provider suddenly disappears from the marketing scene – so does your...
  8. Joe

    Validate A Business Before You Spend Time Creating It

    Here's another freebie from AppSumo. It's a cheat sheet you can use to see if a business will be profitable before you spend time building websites, and other initial projects...
  9. Joe

    130 Ways to Get Traffic

    Here's a free one for you: http://www.appsumo.com/130-ways-get-traffic/ Not an affiliate link, but does require an opt in to Sumo Me. It's a checklist you can download in spreadsheet or PDF form. What's your favorite method for getting traffic to your online real estate?
  10. Joe

    One of the Best Sales Letters I’ve Ever Read

    I recently read Russell Brunson’s book, “DOTCOM Secrets – The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.” I found it very educational, although it is a marketing tool. In fact it’s one of the best sales letters I’ve ever read. It’s that well written. The positive thing about it is...
  11. Joe

    2000 New Subscribers In 30 Days - A Free Training Event

    A heads up. Willie Crawford is holding a training event for building your list. It's free to join his training. He plans to give you a step a day for 30 days teaching you how to grow your list by 2000+ subscribers. This should be a good one folks. Here's the FB group address. (Private group -...
  12. Joe

    Hosting Account Special Sale

    For anyone interested in saving on hosting accounts. For a time you can get your hands on a special sale for hosting accounts. The cost is less than half what i normally pay for my accounts. Get a full year of hosting for less than $50 that includes 1 domain. This account also comes with an...
  13. Joe

    To Republish Older Content Or Not

    Just read an interesting article about updating & republishing older blog content. Looks like the results were positive in this case, but I can certainly see that it can be overdone. You can read it here: https://econsultancy.com/blog/66825-republishing-older-blog-content-does-it-work/ I have...
  14. Joe

    Are Your Websites Mobile Friendly?

    According to Google the coming algorithm change, launching on April 21st, will have "more of an impact on Google’s search results than the Google Panda update and the Google Penguin update did." If you thought you had disastrous results from Panda & Penguin this is significant, and the time to...
  15. Joe

    New Resource For Affiliates

    Just got some info on a new site where you can find products to add to your affiliate marketing efforts. This one is apparently a site where you can get other people's Mobile APPS to sell. It isn't operational yet, but they are letting affiliates reserve their affiliate name/account for when...