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Recent content by cwvps

  1. cwvps

    Best practices for marketing success on Pinterest

    Pinterest is pretty awesome for some niches and some types of businesses, but for some other it won't do anything. Recipes, food, inspirational quotes, outdoor and indoor decorations, baby stuff, everything that is visually attractive. Create your boards, follow people and create your own...
  2. cwvps

    facebook ads account for rent

    I haven't heard yet of renting a Facebook account. Buying it, yes. That's much more reasonable.
  3. cwvps

    Free online SEO tools

    Google WebMaster Tools are actually free and basically, essentials and maybe even enough for a good website search engine optimization.
  4. cwvps

    How many SEO tools you used in seo?

    I use Google Analytics and Google WebMaster Tools in general, Ahrefs, Moz and Yoast.
  5. cwvps

    Common SEO Mistakes

    Over-optimization is something that could never happen to me. However, I often find myself inspired by some articles from my niche, but it's good that an article created this way isn't copied article. Thanks for the reminder!
  6. cwvps

    Social Bookmarking

    You can post different posts (inner pages of your website or a blog) on Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Plaxo and JumpTags. These are the best social bookmarking websites I know of.
  7. cwvps

    What Is Internet Marketing Anyway?

    Internet marketing is regular marketing enhanced, changed and improved for the internet. This is how I see it. You need to use methods which will work, not the old ones.
  8. cwvps

    How to Get More Leads?

    Don't give up on social media. Make a schedule, post several times each day, different kinds of posts (images, videos, infographics, links, thoughts...) interact with other people on social media in different groups which are relevant to your niche or business. It would also be a good decision...
  9. cwvps

    Need SEO web hosting???

    I would avoid big companies, because as much as they may seem responsive and that they provide good support, it might not just be so because of the quantity of the clients whose requests they need to manage. I would go for some VPS hosting, middle-sized provider. It's best if you do your own...
  10. cwvps

    buyers list

    I open emails from unknown people only if they seem legit and relevant to me and my business. There has to be something for me in it, not only for marketers. This natural and normal, I believe. If I've opened an email and it's not like that, I'm unsubscribing right away. I haven't yet received...
  11. cwvps

    Email Marketing tools

    My partner tried with another system (I cannot remember right now which one was it), but we got back with MailChimp right away. MailChimp showed as the best email marketing tool. I love the free version of it, it's just enough for our business.
  12. cwvps

    How to increase traffic on ecommerce site

    You need to be present and active on social media websites, social bookmarking sites, forums and YouTube. Create your channel on YouTube, optimize videos, share them on your social media and embed them on your website. Make videos short and try to capture people's attention in the first few seconds.
  13. cwvps

    Which one is better Facebook or Google+?

    Facebook is definitely better, more people use it and simply promotion wise it is more beneficial than google plus. Still, Google Plus has a bih potential. And, well, it's Google's child. I also know more and more people who start using it.
  14. cwvps

    Social Media Marketing

    I agree completely. It would be almost madness not to advertise your business through social media sites. All the benefits and options they offer are quite enough to make a good start with a business which is still fresh.
  15. cwvps

    How to register a domain name?

    It's best to do a research and make sure your pick isn't already taken. Make a list of some 5 possible choices for a domain name and with it go to your chosen hosting provider. You will pay for it yearly, most probably.